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How to sell real estate in Portugal

When selling a property it is important to check that you have all documents 100% in order for your property, garage, pool, borehole, septic tank, energy certificate etc. Unfortunately in Portugal it is not uncommon that property and land areas are different and that extra ?add on? are not properly registered and legalized. We always recommend to work with professionals such as lawyers or architects to get this situation corrected if needed.

Once documentation has been verified a sales contract / mediation contract will be drawn up between seller and real estate agent. Always check you work with a government licensed real estate agent to sell your real estate.

Once the contract is signed the property can be legally market via for sale signs, websites and other forms of marketing. Always ask your agent what they will do for you, how they will get clients and sell your house.

First impressions count and to make sure your house, apartment or townhouses is in good order, repairs done, painted and looking 110% is vital. When selling land make sure it doesn?t look like a landfill site with junk all over the place, clean and clear it from rubbish to make it look more attractive???? me all small details make in the end a big difference !

Our company is specialized in web marketing and buyers are for 99,9% not coming from Portugal. Via the web we reach out to a mainly UK/EU audience to attract buyers for your property.

As buyers are not physically here it will take some weeks to get the ball rolling from when we receive the first enquiries to when we can book the first visits. Portugal is not the fastest place in the world to do business so bear with us.

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